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!!!Ogden and Layton Temporarily suspended!!!

Requirements when riding the bus:

1. Before boarding the bus your temperature will be checked for fever , if you display higher than a 100.3 Degree temperature you will NOT be permitted to ride the bus.

2. ALL riders MUST wear a mask to board the bus and keep mask on for the duration of the trip. If you do not have a mask you will have the option to purchase one for $1 from the host at boarding . (Mask may be limited and in the event we run out and you do not have one you will not be able to board, we recommend bringing your own) 

3. If you have any symptoms or have  been exposed to an individual within the last 14 days who is known to have Covid-19 or was presenting symptoms of Covid-19 ( Fever, Cough, shortness of breath etc..) you may not ride the bus.

Changes on bus while riding to Wendover:

1. We will still be collecting cash payments when boarding and as always you can book online or call in advance and pay with Credit card.

2. We will still have a host available to you on the bus but will not immediately be playing bingo or other games on the bus due to the possible spread of Covid-19 via transmission from items such as Bingo Cards.

3. You will still receive your coupon book and $10 of free play

4. Eating of food on bus will be prohibited.

Casino changes during Covid-19

1. The Buffet will be closed until further notice!!!

2. The Buffet coupon may still be used for $5.00 off at the Golden Harvest or Prospector Cafe.

3. You may no longer check your bags at the front desk. The bus will now remain in Wendover for the duration of your stay so you may now leave items on the bus but we ask that you remove all valuables.



 3 Ways to Pay to ride the  Bus

1.)    Book Online and receive a guaranteed seat

2.)    Call into the office at (801) 466 – 5001 and make your reservation and pay cash at the bus & get priority boarding over walk-ons. (This is not a guaranteed seat; however, we can contact you if there is a problem with the coach or it is late so that you are not waiting around wondering what is going on.)

        a. Gift Certificates, FTP Passes, and 1 Club Voucher may call the office to schedule their reservation as a guaranteed seat.

3.)    Show up at your preferred stop as a walk-on and pay cash at the bus. (Not guaranteed and last to board the bus.)

4.)    If a selected date and time is unavailable then please call our office.